July means to freedom for me..


July meant freedom for me and my friends as kids. We rode our super cool bikes all over town from sun up till sun down. And as you know the sun goes down really late. Amazing that its still light out at 10pm. Makes for a very full day and alot of time to explore and create adventures.

Now a days, I must recreate that sense of freedom & juggle the responibilities of being an adult. So I work hard to get home early and then play late into the night doing fun things with my family and friends. My latest adventure is to get my motorcyle liscense for a retro street bike I bought last year. My man rides a Ducati and I love being on the back and I had no desire to ride by myself. But then a motorcyle friend of ours found a sweet little  blue 1979 Kawasaki EI 100! It was love at first site and an adventure to get it on the road and running smoothly, but well worth the effort. As all things are that take some extra time and energy. It now purrs like a kitten on the road and can reach top speed of 110km. So I am off learning to ride the bike safely at night after work and into the late dusk. Just like when I was a kid riding around town. Its so much fun & gives me quality time with my man showing me the bike ropes. I look to the little things in life to give me wonder and joy. That childish wonder has kept me yound at heart and open to adventures. And staying up late ,,,chasing the sun.

What adventures await you? Are you looking to your inner child to have fun & look at the things around you with wonder? Enjoy your long summer days with family and friends. Be sure to let your inner child out for some fun.

And stop by to say Hi and get a sample of our cool new summer drinks & snacks.


Are you out in the SUN??

The new Repair & Protect Collection introduces the Natural Repair Complex, a powerful active blend that promotes cell regeneration to repair the skin faster. Derived from rosehip and rosemary, this powerful antioxidant complex supports the skin’s defense against free radicals, provides protection and prevents further damage from environmental stressors. 

                                        2x faster cell regeneration in 24 hours!!!

• Fight the cumulative effects of sun, wind, pollution and stress
• Nourish and soothe while you repair and protect
• See powerful results from safe and all-natural ingredients
• Great for all skin types
Get your Repair & Protect Kit from Eminence Organic Skincare today! 

Whats New in the store:

Local and Canadian is our commitment to you. We have switched brands on some of our offerings to go LOCAL.

Nineteen 02 -Kombucha from Vancouver

Filsingers Apple Cider Vinegar- Organic, Glass bottles and from Ontario

Great Lakes Collagen & Gelatin Powder

Lotus Essential Oil Diffuser- Beautiful Glass design..come and look! 

Lotus Aroma Skin Care , Body Washes , Room Fresheners- Montreal 

Routine Deoderant- Calgary

Holistic Baby Care Line & Herbal teas & Salves- Lauren Mary Holistics - Edmonton

Calendula Oil & Salve & Soap - Rivercity -Winnipeg

Tripow- Chlorella & Spirulina - Edmonton

Revo Juiceinary- Now available -Sherwood Park

Clean Concsience- Essential Oil Cleaning Products- St. Albert

Harmonic Arts Herbals- Vancouver




We welcome our new practitioners to Health Matters Clinic:

Renee Aubin RMT, Reflexology & Reiki Master

Tina Cunningham Doctor of Natural Medicine D.A.MedMPH, DNM

Preeti Patel Ayurveda Practitioner & Panchakarma Specialist

Helen Cen Naturopathic Doctor, ND

Call the clinic to book in today !


So what is modern and trendy in the world of health? Well it depends on who you are tuning into these days. There is so much information out there that it can be confusing. Sometimes we are even confused by the barage. But science always wins out and great new products are out there with real science behind them. That is where we come in, we have the time to search out the products with the real science behind them. Plus our staff get weekly training on the products we carry. Knowlege -you can trust us with your health questions.The best of the best is our new motto. We are looking to scale down the choices at our store to give you the best of the BEST. So stop by and take advantage of all the knowledge and experience we have to offer you....that's what we are all about at Health Matters.enlightened

REVO JUICEINARY -Delivers Monday & Thursday Afternoons

Cupping is a therapy in which glass cups are suctioned onto the skins surface through negative pressure. The suction and negative pressure stimulates the lymphatic system to drain excessive fluids and toxin, pulls fresh blood to stagnant muscles and skin, loosens adhesions and stubborn knots in muscle & myofacial tissue and stimulates the nervous system. Ancient Chinese Mediciene believes cupping opens up meridian pathways to allow Qi to flow thru. When Qi flows freely throughout the body one enjoys good physical , mental and emotional wellbeing.


 Deep tissue or therapeutic Massage ,  Cupping ,  or Hot/ Cold Stone Massage!

We have extended our hours & have openings on Saturday! Make weekends a mini holiday.


July Class:

Mindful Eating:

Monday July 25, 7-8

Is healthy eating limited to "whats to eat?'

Holistic and perhaps the  most ancient science called Ayuveda shares a easy and effective 

'Rules of Healthy Eating

With Preeti Patel, R.A.A.P, BAMS, RH

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Dr Helen Cen,  Naturopathic Doctor is offer Free 15 minute consults with a BIA test to give you a quick health check up.

Are you looking to see what a Naturopathic DR can do for you? Curious about your health? Or have a health issue that you are concerned about?

Take advantage of this FREE consult offerring. Book in today! 780-757-3355 clinic

Saturday July 16, 11-1 pm


Congratulation to Nathan Olanday C.H.N.

Congratulations to our very own Nathan Olanday, Clinical Holistic Nutritionist, who was awarded the Gordon Storie Memorial Bursary at the 2016 CHFA Industry Achievement Awards.

These awards are presented to individuals and companies in the natural health and organic products industry for outstanding achievements! 

We are so proud that he is part of the Health Matters Team!

15 minute mini consultations ($25.00)
Nutrition Consultation
Supplement Consultation
Functional Blood Analysis Consultation


Book in our clinic today with Nathan Olanday C.H.N. Clinical Holistic Nutritionist







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