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Get ready for a fabulous you in 2017! I feel this year is going to be amazing.... So I encourage you to look at our classes and expand your knowledge with the topics we feel you are asking about the most. With so much information floating our there , its great to get some solid information to your questions. Our team at Health Matters is ready to help you to become heatlhier and happier YOU this year.  We are always learning and staying current with the new studies about products, weight loss, sleep, pain  and many more of your health concerns. 

We brought in all the new essential oil blends by NOW- Miles of Smiles, Peace & Harmony, Cheer Up Buttercup, Power of Flowers, Focus, and of course our favorites like Lavender, Peppermint and Eucalyptus. Try out our testers and decide for yourself what is your favorite one for creating a safe and healthy scent for your home.

Or try out the testers for Woodland Botanicals Essential Oil blends by the local and talented Pam-Bubblegum (my personal favorite), Peace, Breathe of Gia, Night Splendor, Ozone, and our most popular blend Legendary 4 Thieves (Awesome for cold & flu season!)

I have worked on adding new locally made items to help support our own community & talent. Janey with My Daughter Fragrance has honored us with her beautiful all essential oil fragrances. I have looked for years to find a natural fragrance to wear. I can't do perfume anymore. And I find most Essential oil based fragrances left me disappointed and lacking. THey didnt last and they were not complex like a perfume. And these scents wont dissappoint!  She sources her essential oils from France and creastes her unique and complex blends right here in Alberta. Joyful, Bloom 23 and Always Loved and a new one is on the way in 2017! Its hard to pick your favorite, but come and check them out for yourself.

Also new to us is the yummy elderberry syrup by Feel Good Syrup. Great for those that have picky kids, adults or anyone needing a quick health boost. Perfect for everyday immune boosting or if you are under the weather. The taste is amazing and please come and ask us for a sample. Look for it in our fridge.

Plus we have Gluten & Dairy Free Hot delicous! It goes great with our new cute little Peppermint Alpha Coconut oil...a great healthy combination for the cold days ahead. Comes in Lemon flavor too for your tea or coffee. Add some zip to your Bullet Proof coffee....or use Dandelion Blend Coffee subsitute for a  Bullet Proof Alternative.

Four Sigma -Instant Mushroom Hot chocolate & Mushroom Coffee -Chaga, Lions Mane, Reshi, Cordyceps blends or FourSigma

Heaven Fresh Ionic Air Purifiers for the stuffy winter room syndrome. Get out the dust and bacteria during the long winter months.

Santevia water purifier systems or Water pitchers..Green, Blue, Black or White Pitchers

Plus we have arriving 2 new Weigh loss products offering cutting edge technology. As we battle with the increasing waistiine from stress, hormones or love of food...We have a solution for you that works!! Ask our knowledgeable staff your health question today!!

These are just  few of the new and exciting products we offer. I take pride in sourcing unique and cutting edge products for your pleasure & health enhancement. There is a lot of products out there that just don't meet our high standards for safety, purity, and abilyty to work. And sometimes it takes me years to find just the right items to add to our store offerings. 

RIght now we need your imput. Go to our facebook page in March and give us feedback WHAT new Make up lines are considering for our newly refreshed spa mini Facial & Make up station. We will be offering make up color matching and custom make up artistry classes along with our popular "Eminence Organic skin care 10 step IN 10 minutes " mini facial..Stay tuned.

Kaelyn our Eminence Esthetician is available during the week and on weekends to answer all your skincare question. 

Next Class:

Feb 26, 2017-Plant Potions : with Lauren Mary Holistics

Feb 27, 2017- Love Your Liver with Tracy Sharuga, Herb & Pestle

Mar 13, 2017- Glow with Eminence Skin Care Night with Kaelyn Bergquist


Your health matters to ask your questions and get solid answers. We do what we love...

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                   New practitioners to Health Matters Clinic & they are taking new clients:

Renee Aubin RMT, Massage, Reflexology & Reiki Master

Preeti Patel Ayurveda Practitioner & Panchakarma Specialist

Helen Cen Naturopathic Doctor, ND & Acupuncture

Kaelyn Bergquist, Eminence Facial Esthetician & Make up Artist

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So what is modern and trendy in the world of health? Well it depends on who you are tuning into these days. There is so much information out there that it can be confusing. Sometimes we are even confused by the barage. But science always wins out and great new products are out there with real science behind them. That is where we come in, we have the time to search out the products with the real science behind them. Plus our staff get weekly training on the products we carry. Knowlege -you can trust us with your health questions.The best of the best is our new motto. We are looking to scale down the choices at our store to give you the best of the BEST. So stop by and take advantage of all the knowledge and experience we have to offer you....that's what we are all about at Health Matters.enlightened



Cupping is a therapy in which glass cups are suctioned onto the skins surface through negative pressure. The suction and negative pressure stimulates the lymphatic system to drain excessive fluids and toxin, pulls fresh blood to stagnant muscles and skin, loosens adhesions and stubborn knots in muscle & myofacial tissue and stimulates the nervous system. Ancient Chinese Mediciene believes cupping opens up meridian pathways to allow Qi to flow thru. When Qi flows freely throughout the body one enjoys good physical , mental and emotional wellbeing.


NEW- We are now offering DIRECT BILLING to Albert Blue Cross.


BOOK ONLINE TODAY : We now offer BLUE CROSS for your massage

 Deep tissue or therapeutic Massage ,  Cupping ,  or Hot/ Cold Stone Massage!

We have extended our hours & have openings on Saturday


Congratulation to Dr Rebecca Hauser, ND

Congratulations to our very own Naturopahic Doctor who just won Best Naturopath for the 2016 Vue Weekly awards! Awesome news and we are proud to have her on the Health Matters Clinic team.

All this and more is in our Newsletter so read all about it!


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