September is looking good!

With September well underway, we can look back and see how wonderful the weather has been. And still it is looking good! Yes we did get one day of snow. But yah to Alberta weather, and just wait 5 minutes and the weather will change. Look out your window it keeps changing for the better side of things. So take this good weather get your fruits and vegetables out of the yard and into your kitchen. Make some wonderful jams, dried fruit or freeze up your extras to enjoy later in the year. The bounty of the harvest is always a great feeling for me and a real sense of accomplishment! I am still covering my cherry tomatoes at night and trying hard to let the all those bunches of tomatoes ripen on the vine. YUM! For those not a fortunate enough to have any produce to tuck away in the fall, go to the market, ask your friends and find somebodys surplus to harvest. I think there is a website letting people know who has extra produce to take away. Or stock up on the deals at the market and make some jam, put away apples in the freezer for apple pie or cobbler, or just freeze up some berries. Freezer jam is simple and a blast to make. Eating local produce is the best for the enviroment and the most nutritious for you too! And the flavors are the spectacular to on the taste buds, as they do not get forced to ripen on the trucks.

Savor the weather and watch the beautiful seasonal color changes. Take a walk & relax from your hectic day. Find some Zen time each day in the litlle pleasures life gives us for free. Maybe it just means unplugging from technology, reading a book, taking a nap or having a cup of tea. But honor yourself with a little self love, care and a time out!

Hugs from Kim


I was just a local girl with an 'idea' and a dream of what a health food store with a different style of service and products could look like. And that idea is still being shaped today. So come by and see our new branding on the front of our store. Maybe you have never been to Health Matters, but I encourage you to stop by and say Hi. Check out our product selection and wonderful clinic. Our clinic offering is vast and our practitiioners are some of the best. 

These are just  few of the new and exciting products we offer. I take pride in sourcing unique and cutting edge products for your pleasure & health enhancement. There is a lot of products out there that just don't meet our high standards for safety, purity, and ability to work. And sometimes it takes me years to find just the right items to add to our store offerings. 

Stay tuned..


Renee Aubin RMT, Massage, Reflexology & Reiki Master

Preeti Patel Ayurveda Practitioner & Panchakarma Specialist

Helen Cen Naturopathic Doctor, ND & Acupuncture

Kaelyn Bergquist, Holistic Esthetician & Make up Artist

Ina Clarke Reflexologist

Tracy Shurga, Medical Herbalist, Ionic Foot Detox

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 Deep tissue or therapeutic Massage ,  Cupping ,  or Hot/ Cold Stone Massage, Detox Massage, Rejuvinating Facial Massage.

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How clean is your make up? Does it have lead, arsenic, tin, or other toxic ingredients? Does the company even say if they test for heavy metals? Come and check out our NEW launch- Pure Anada- a local Manitoba company. Clean , vegan , mineral based products. Try our sample bar today. Need more help? Book in with Kaelyn our Holistic Esthetician for a make up consult. Get the righ colors for you & freshen up your look with the beautiful summer colors.Plus we now have nail polish !!


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