Kimberly Umphrey


Kim’s grandfather inspired the seedlings of passion that led to the ownership of Health Matters. At the age of five, her regular visits to a local health food store gave Kim a keen appreciation for the smell and application of herbs and natural remedies. She had visions of bins of herbs. Her continuing interest in a healthy way of living led her to a free seminar offered by Udo Erasmus, a leading researcher on the topic of Healthy Fats. This seminar led to the conversion of her household to even more natural foods and household cleaning products. A total purge. For those of you who know Kim personally, she never does anything halfway.

Later on, Kim began to teach health classes at Homegrown Foods in Stony Plain. From there she took several Western and Chinese Herbal classes, Advanced Aromatherapy, Basic Homeopathy and is qualified to teach the Dr. Mom Dr. Dad course. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Edison Institute in 2005. Recently, she has pioneered yet another chapter in the ongoing evolution of health education with the expansion of Health Matters, which includes a wonderful WELLNESS CLINIC with excellent services of top-quality practitioners. Watch her grow more seedlings of health services to our community!