In 2014 Kirstin got a job (by fluke) at her favourite health food/sports nutrition store in Edmonton. This helped to support her after leaving a corporate job with the determination to go to university and pursue a degree in psychology and a career in counselling. After 7 years of working in vitamin retail, she realized that it was not a fluke at all, but it was in fact divine timing that had brought her into the store that day and she had unknowingly begun the journey towards becoming the passionate healer that she is today.

Through becoming curious about healing her own self-sabotaging behaviours and inter-generational trauma, Kirstin came across the modality of subconscious imprinting/emotional polarity technique. After one session she felt the transformation, and she knew that she needed to learn how to help others release their unresolved emotions too. The profound healing received through Subconscious Imprinting Technique is greatly attributed to the power of forgiveness and can result in permanent positive changes.