Nathan Olanday


Nathan is a practitioner of functional medicine, holistic nutrition, and manual osteopathy.

He graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and the National Academy of Osteopathy and has received additional certification in natural products– a program run by the Canadian Health Food Association in collaboration with the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. For his efforts to improve health food and to educate the public, Nathan was the recipient of the Gordon Storrie Memorial Award. As of late, Nathan has been nominated by the Toronto’s Star Readers Choice Awards as one of Toronto’s best Manual Osteopathic Practitioners.

With nearly a decade of health and wellness experience, Nathan is passionate about educating the public, his patients, and practitioners, working and welcoming all people regardless of their condition, race, socioeconomic class, sexuality or gender expression. It is his desire to provide patients with complete holistic care, both internally and externally with holistic nutrition, integrative and functional medicine, and osteopathy.

Patients internationally have benefited from his expertise in gut health and the microbiome, mitochondrial medicine, brain health and mental wellness, cardiovascular health (cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar), weight loss, epigenetics, detoxification, integrative oncology, autoimmune conditions and drug-nutrient depletion.

Recently, Nathan has moved back to Edmonton, Alberta after completing his studies in manual osteopathy and working in Toronto, Ontario. There, he worked at Well + Good Pharmacy—an integrative medical pharmacy—where he served as a practitioner and the Natural Products and Complementary Health Services Manager. It is here that Nathan expanded his clinical knowledge in HIV and other LGBTQIA2S+ health-related issues and gained a greater appreciation for conventional medicine as a pharmacy assistant.

When Nathan isn’t working, you can find him reading scientific research and trying to live a balanced life through spiritual practice, playing music, being a foodie, exploring nature, and exercising.