Paul Moffat

Health Coach

Paul believes your health is your wealth and that “you’ll never medicate your way out of diseases that you behaved yourself into.” – Dr. Roly Mitchell

Paul is a passionate, dedicated, self-taught, consummate researcher willing to personally help and direct you to information by recognized, board certified, esteemed, and honored professionals in vast arena of health and wellness. Their unique perspectives may assist, empower, equip, and educate you, as you move forward in understanding and regaining health, vitality, and hope.

Paul believes that ‘success has a thousand fathers; failure is an orphan.’ He also believes that the path to success often involves failing forward. He is professional; yet, personable and appreciates the corporate culture and family atmosphere that Health Matters fosters with their clientele and dedicated associates. Your Health really does Matter.

Paul embraces and promotes people to spend their money and family, food, and fun! Food, no matter your preference, diet, protocol etc., IS foundational. Supplements are just that: supplementary.

He has several nutritional elements which he believes are fundamental for everyone. Come see Paul to find out his Top 5. He is an avid dragon boater; so, if you can’t find Paul in the store, you’ll find him on the Fort Saskatchewan River, ripping it up!

et sanitas tua
To your health

Health Wellness Store—Paul Moffat