Paul Moffat

Health Coach

Paul believes your health is your wealth and that “you’ll never medicate your way out of diseases that you behaved yourself into.” – Dr. Roly Mitchell

Do you have an ailment to address? A goal to achieve? A disease to defeat? Are you overwhelmed with the supplements in your repertoire? Uncertain about which nutraceuticals are necessities and which are superfluous? Feeling aloof, bewildered, or disoriented about the topography of your wellbeing? Are you indecisive where to embark on your crusade to well-being?

Now time like the present for you to engage with Paul to review your playbook and discuss a game plan allowing to get you back on the field of vitae (life). He is known as the Rosetta Stone of supplements and a wellness whisperer. Paul’s wisdom and experiential knowledge will compliment and assist you in navigating successful passage through the dense labyrinth of health and wellness. You’re the expert of your life; Yet, no one goes it alone.

He’s resoundingly adamant in promoting everyone to spend their money and family, food, and, and fun; NOT supplements. Food, is foundational! No matter your diet preference, nutrition protocol, meal schedule, etc., supplements are just that: supplementary. He consistently advocates working with our wallets is wise; remaining thrifty as one thrives.

Paul is a passionate, dedicated, self-taught, consummate researcher willing to personally help and direct you to information by recognized, board certified, esteemed, and honored professionals in vast arena of health and wellness. Their unique perspectives may point your health needle back to true north, as you move forward in understanding and regaining health, vitality, and hope.

Paul believes that ‘success has a thousand fathers; failure is an orphan.’ He also believes that the path to success often involves failing forward. He is professional; yet, personable and appreciates the corporate culture and family atmosphere that Health Matters fosters with its customers, clientele, dedicated associates, and practitioners.

Your health really does matter!

He is an avid dragon boater; so, if you can’t find Paul in the store, you’ll find him on the Fort Saskatchewan River, ripping it up!

À Votre Santé

Every now and then, we need a critic, coach, and cheerleader to champion us through our obstacles. Coach Paul will personify these roles, folding in his 5 modalities of coaching: Engage, Educate, Equip, Empower, and Enjoy.

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