Roxanne Haggkvist


About Roxanne

I bring nearly a decade of experience in the Natural Health and Wellness field.

Helping others feel healthier and reaching their nutrition goals is what fuels my soul!

Roxanne’s Approach

  • Recommending achievable changes using an individualized approach.
  • As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner my focus is based on the belief that every person’s health is bio-individual, one size does NOT fit all.
  • My focus is the power of foundations. The foundations are: digestion, blood sugar managing, hydration, and a properly prepared , nutrient-dense, and whole foods diet, that’s science-based.
  • With compassion and curiosity, we will work together on clarifying your health goals andworking towards that. I believe in being your companion in this journey, not your guru.
  • I also offer Live Blood Analysis as another tool for helping you achieve your health goals. This is a great way to see where you are at with your health goals. Blood transports essential substances (oxygen, nutrients, hormones) cells of the body for use in daily life. Abnormalities in the blood can be detected before the body shows signs of disease. With nutrition, lifestyle changes and supplementation you can bring your body back into balance and start to feel better.
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