Tracy Sharuga

HHP, DIP of PHYTO, Holistic Health Practitioner & Phytotherapist

As a Phytotherapist (Medical Herbalist) Tracy’s primary focus is on treating the person as an individual instead of an ailment or disease. She believes that every person has individual needs with regard to what health looks like for themselves and should have individualized care and support that is adaptable to how they feel and what they encounter in their lives. Everyone goes through periods of time when burning the candle at both ends is not avoidable – these, as well as periods of transition, are the times where it is imperative to provide yourself and your body with support.

The art of a Phytotherapist (Herbalist) to create healing is through keen observation and assessment of the individual and knowing the specific herbs needed for that person, putting them in the correct formula together using the correct dosage and ratios.

In practice, Tracy consults one-on-one with people on a variety of issues they may be experiencing such as menopause, thyroid issues, anxiety, depression, insomnia, cardiac and blood pressure issues, digestive issues, trauma and emotional issues, mood swings, PMS, SAD, Fibromyalgia, nerve issues, reproductive issues, digestive concerns and the list goes on.

In seeking to treat with plant medicine she focuses on discovering what the person’s base constitution is, what the nature of their symptoms is, the story of the person and what brought them to the point they are at – as well assessing all mechanistic and organ systems of the body. Tools for assessment used are tongue and pulse diagnosis to give clues as to which organ systems may be in disharmony. With everything taken into consideration, Tracy then devises a treatment plan and creates a plant medicine formula to address goals and desires for health.


Healthmatters Tracy